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About us

About us

We are a company engaged in the wholesale egg in woj.podkarpackiego and export of eggs to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania. We are able to realize every order, individual approach to each client. 

We have our own transportation. 

We invite you to cooperation.


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On the market since 1995. From the very beginning of our business we are selling eggs komsumpcyjnych. Initially, we conducted sales in the province Podkarpacki. At a later time, we have developed foreign distribution to the southern part of Europe. 

We are collaborating with poultry farms, which in the Polish market and abroad in May kneaded brand. We supply shops, wholesalers, confectionery, bakery and confectionery production plants. We have our own transport. 
We invite you to cooperation.


We offer our customers table eggs from free-range and caged.
Packaged in a retail packaging of 6 and 10 pieces and 30 pieces wytłaczankach.
Goods are packed in cartons exported (very strong) of 360 pieces.
We sell eggs brown and white.

The following classes of eggs: 
S - small under 53g 
M - the average of 53g-63g
L - large from 63g to 73g
XL - very large above 73g